What’s That Yellow Ribbon For?

February 27, 2017 at 3:18 pm Leave a comment

Have you ever bumped into someone with a dog who has a yellow ribbon tied to her leash or is wearing a yellow bandana? In all liklihood, that’s not just a fashion statement. There’s a movement afoot to alert folks of pooches who need a little more space through this simple universal alert system.

What it Means

When you see a dog with a bit of yellow on their leash or around their neck you should assume this pooch needs a little more space. Don’t walk right up and put your hand out, or let your doggie lean over for a polite sniff. For whatever reason the dog with the yellow may not repsond well. Isn’t this awesome? What a simple solution!

Horse lovers may know that a red ribbon tied to an equine’s tail is meant to convey this dude’s a kicker! Beware – stay back! Now dogs have their own first-alert system: the yellow ribbon. This isn’t just gaining ground here in the states, either, in 45 other countries worldwide they’re getting on board with this idea too!

Dog fans love it!

Click on the image below for your own printable version of this cute info sheet:

Pet Companions just LOVES this project!

Want more info?

Here’s a bunch of links:

The Yellow Dog Project Home Page

Their main Facebook Page

Yellow Dog USA – Austin

Yellow Dog Space – Facebook

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Great New ID System for Pets!

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