Wonderful fall!

I love the oncoming of fall, the craziness of summer winds down and I begin to have time to enjoy milling around the farm and connecting with my animals. My Llama’s and horses start to venture away from the cover of the barn, where they usually lanquish underneath the fan’s, in order to escape the flies and the relentless heat. There is nothing  more splendid then watching horses show off their playful antics. It is also time for clinic’s and trail rides with wonderful friends who I love to catch up with.

Have a wonderful fall friends and spend some quality time with your animals that we are all so blessed to spend our lives with!

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We Wuv Water!

Did you know we offer winter (and any season) time Baths for your pooches? They love it and you will too because your house won’t have to get all soggy while they dry.

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Winter Time

Well I guess winter is upon us. At least we have surpassed the shortest daylight day of the year, so I will have to hang on to the idea that each day we gain a little bit more light, and before I know it, spring will return again. I am not a big fan of going to the barn after dark, I prefer to go after we close at 6:00 and having plenty of daylight to accomplish my chores.

I know my fellow farm owners have a mutual disdain for mud, we can not escape it, it is inevitable no matter what we do, Although I have to say, that the horse seem to like it, as they all look like Aborigine’s.  I love being at the barn, as you all know, it is peaceful down there. I hope everyone stay’s warm, drink lot’s of coffee, tea and hot chocolate…you will fill much better. I hope everyone’s furry family members stay cozy as well, as I know mine are curled up on the couch, which is basically there’s, as I do not use it.

Happy holiday’s to everyone and thank you for your business, I have enjoyed caring for all of your pet’s.

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New Facebook Page!

We launched a brand new page on Facebook today – the link is to the right here on this page. Like us to hear about specials and updates as they’re offered!

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